William was brought on board in June 2011 to develop our website to help cater towards mobile and tablet users. He had continued to provide support in one capacity or another over the years. His commitment to the smooth functionality of our website had gone well outside of what we required of him. Often he would take care of issues free of charge, which is the sort of person you would want to have on your team. We never had to ask him about our e-mail issues because he was always very pro-active. He would catch technical concerns before we even knew about them.
Arek Kaminski
former Design Director  - Interactive Toy Concepts
June 05, 2016
William Sawada joined our company as a Junior Art Coordinator and worked his way up to becoming a Senior Art Director within two years. His passion for design was evident from the very beginning. William always demonstrated tremendous eagerness and willingness to learn and grow within the company. His ability to grasp and execute new concepts in an effective and timely manner was often noted.

In his position as Senior Art Director, William managed a team of 8 graphic designers and worked with numerous sales representatives to improve the overall workflow between the art department and the sales team. He demonstrated team leadership skills by taking charge and improving his department where it was needed; whether perfecting artwork, updating and ordering new equipment or working with designers on a one-to-one basis. Through it all, William always maintained a positive attitude and kept an open mind to all suggestions brought forth.
Louise Montreuil
Sales Director – T.O. Division  - ActionPak/Open&Save
July 16, 2009

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